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With Visual Studio you can build any app, game, or extension using any language of your choice. Learn about the features that will boost your productivity, improve code quality, and add to team agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is Visual Studio good for C++ GUI?

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  • Which Visual Studio is best for C++?

    For C++ programming, Visual Studio 2022 stands out as a top choice. It supports the latest C++ standards, offering a rich set of features for efficient coding and debugging.

  • Is Visual Studio 2022 64-bit?

    Yes, Visual Studio 2022 is indeed a 64-bit application. This upgrade means it can handle larger projects and more memory, which is a significant advantage for developers working on complex or resource-intensive applications.

  • Can I change my plan later?

    With Visual Studio, you have the flexibility to change your plan according to your changing requirements. Whether you need to upgrade for more features or adjust your plan to fit different project needs, you can easily manage and modify your subscription through your account settings.

  • Is Visual Studio Code free?

    Visual Studio Code is completely free to use. It's a lighter yet powerful version of Visual Studio, ideal for developers looking for a versatile and efficient coding environment. It supports a wide range of programming languages and is a great choice for developers at all levels.

  • Which language is best for Visual Studio?

    Visual Studio is versatile and supports numerous programming languages, so there isn't a single "best" language. It excels in handling languages like C++, C#, JavaScript, and Python, among others. The best language to use in Visual Studio depends on your specific project requirements and personal or team expertise.